Update Re: Spousal Support Modification

Update to:

What Changes in Circumstances Are Necessary

for [Spousal Support] Modification?”


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A December 2014 decision by The Connecticut Supreme Court regarding spousal support modification illustrates how matrimonial law is constantly evolving.[1]

The law of Connecticut is among the examples listed on p. 188 to illustrate the kinds of requirements necessary to obtain modification of spousal support. In Connecticut, that requirement is a “substantial change in circumstances.” Those changes have typically involved a significant increase in the payor’s income, a significant decrease in the recipient’s income, a significant increase in the recipient’s needs, or some combination of two or more of those factors.

The Connecticut Supreme Court, however, ruled that “ …an increase in income, standing alone, does not justify the modification of an alimony award.” That decision came as quite a surprise to Connecticut matrimonial lawyers who’ve been getting spousal support modifications on the sole basis that the payor’s income had substantially increased.

The moral? Make sure to check with a local matrimonial lawyer about key legal principles that might impact your case—even seemingly “well-settled” principles.


[1] Dan v. Dan, 315 Conn. 1 (2014)