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“Divorce, Simply Stated,” Award-Winning Lawyer/Filmmaker’s New Book, Provides Advice to Reduce Burdens of Divorce

Veteran divorce attorney Larry Sarezky’s new divorce “how-to” book provides rarely discussed strategies for easing the financial and emotional burdens of divorce. Includes tips on controlling legal expenses, reducing anxiety, and avoiding the most damaging divorce mistakes.

Veteran divorce lawyer and mediator Larry Sarezky has announced the release of his new book, “Divorce, Simply Stated.” It’s a unique “how-to” book of divorce basics supplemented with rarely discussed techniques for achieving more, worrying less and saving money in divorce and other family court cases.

Referred to as “simply the best book of its kind” by American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers past president Arthur Balbirer, “Divorce, Simply Stated” explains principles of divorce law, procedure, and finance in an unusually clear and conversational manner. The book also focuses on how to select, afford, and work with the most appropriate divorce professionals for each individual case. In addition, there’s practical advice for divorcing spouses on caring for themselves and their children during divorce, and avoiding the dysfunctional conflict encouraged by our courts’ adversary system.

Sarezky is a past Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Family Law Section whose clients have included Fortune 500 CEO’s, MLB Hall of Famers, and Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy winners. He has lectured to lawyers, judges, and therapists throughout the U.S., and his legal commentaries have appeared in The Huffington Post and numerous other publications.

In recent years, Sarezky has made a second career of reducing the financial and emotional burdens of divorce, especially for parents and children.

“I wanted to offer more than the standard divorce how-to book but at the same time, not drown readers in more information than they need,” says Sarezky. “At this point in my career, I felt the need to share the strategies that have helped my clients achieve their goals and avoid the mistakes that plague too many divorcing spouses.”

To that end, the book includes unique features such as a chapter called “Divorce Pearls & Perils: Secrets of Saving Money and Avoiding Mistakes” and another on “Divorce Fact-Checking,” which debunks divorce myths that Sarezky has seen prevent divorcing spouses from achieving their goals.

Saving money is a major theme of “Divorce, Simply Stated.” Not shy about poking fun at his colleagues—or sharing their secrets—Sarezky explains lawyers’ billing practices and how to avoid huge legal bills that compound — rather than solve — clients’ problems. He also discusses additional opportunities for savings, including taking advantage of special divorce tax rules and a “be-your-own-paralegal” strategy for readers to organize their own cases much the way trial lawyers do.

“The nuggets in the chapter on ‘Divorce Pearls and Perils’ alone will save you thousands of dollars — and your sanity!” says California attorney Terry McNiff, author of “Picture Your Divorce to See The Right Decisions.” Adds Joanie Winberg, CEO of The National Association of Divorce for Women and Children, “This book is a masterpiece! Only Larry Sarezky could have written a book with all the divorce essentials plus priceless strategies not found anywhere else.”

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Further distinguishing “Divorce, Simply Stated” from other books on the subject are a multitude of tips from a divorce insider on maximizing results while minimizing acrimony, touches of humor, and a holistic approach to help readers cope, organize, relax, and even sleep better. To all of this, Sarezky adds personal touches like the illustrations by his 9-year-old granddaughter designed to keep separating parents focused on their children’s real needs as they move through and beyond divorce. To learn more about “Divorce, Simply Stated,” visit

Sarezky’s other efforts to ease the burdens of divorce include his nationally acclaimed Telly Award-winning custody film, “Talk To Strangers.” The 25-minute dramatic film is in use throughout the U.S. and abroad to dissuade parents from pursuing unnecessary custody and other child-related litigation. It is accompanied by a guide to help separating parents co-parent productively.

“Watch it and learn!” declares Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz about the film, which was created to “bring parents to their senses.” “Both the film and the pocket guide are wonderful!” adds Dr. Robin Deutsch, a past president of The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. “The voices of the children speak louder than any educational program…” Details about the film can be found at

Coming soon from Sarezky is yet another aid to better divorce, “Become Your Own Star Witness,” an audiobook on testifying in family court. Applying his extensive courtroom experience, Sarezky explains and illustrates with numerous question and answer examples, the rules and tactics family court litigants can use to improve their case results. “Become Your Own Star Witness,” is scheduled for release in May. More information can be found at


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  1. Rosalind Reply

    I’m quite impressed with this new book. Larry focuses on areas of divorce that cause confusion or contention and provides usable advice that simplifies the process while protecting your sanity. Everyone facing divorce will benefit from this clear, concise and conflict-reducing content.

    Rosalind Sedacca, CDC
    Founder, Child-Centered Divorce Network

  2. divomin Reply

    Thanks, Rosalind –

    What I’ve tried to do in this book is to use my 35 years of experience with divorcing clients to focus upon the concerns that were most troubling to them, and upon the strategies we used to address those concerns as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

    Larry Sarezky, Author
    Divorce, Simply Stated

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