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  1. Jerry Reiss Reply

    I picked up a case in 2009 where the attorney, now a judge, applied to old law that did not factor in overnight stays. It caught my attention and there were many other problems. We found her a legal malpractice lawyer before the statute of limitations ran. One cannot correct an error like this without availing oneself of the appellate process, which since ran the 30 days. And this was not subject to appellate review it was reached by agreement. She met her burden trying to lessen her damages by filing for Modification of the Final Judgment based on a substantial change in circumstances, And it was not a simple matter. A big fight ensued over what was income under F.S. 61.30 because we couldn’t meet any substantial change in circumstances without knowing what income to count. What could have been avoided by having competent council ending up costing over $200,000 in fees. Because of this expense we had to seek modification of alimony, as well but would have settled it without if we could have avoided all that expense. So let this serve as an example things are not as simple as many would like them to be.

    The Alimony Reform Movement advocates that alimony calculations should be doable with a simple App. That is nonsense because to make that work moves away from the statutory purpose of alimony. But the mood in this country blames everyone for our troubles and pits man against his brother. Of course Donald Trump has played a major role in diverting blame to others and away from personal responsibility.

  2. Rosalind Reply

    Thanks for clarifying and identifying untruths and misunderstandings that complicate divorce and create added conflict and expense for divorcing couples.

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