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Pants-on-Fire! – Divorce Fact-Checking

Facts matter.  Maybe not so much in politics these days, but very definitely in divorce.If you are divorcing, you’re likely to encounter a host of facts about family law, presented as conventional wisdom. Unfortunately, much of that CW will be inconsistent with your state’s laws, inapplicable to your case, flat-out wrong… or some magical combination of all three.Reliance

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Divorce Fact Checking

If you are divorcing, you’re likely to encounter lots of conventional wisdom about divorce. Unfortunately, much of the Divorce CW you hear may be inconsistent with your state’s laws, inapplicable to the facts of your case, or just plain wrong. Below are some of the most often heard pieces of divorce CW. All of them are

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Legal Fee Saver Inside Tip #4: Unbundled Representation

“Unbundled representation,” also known as “discrete task” or “limited scope” representation can, in the right circumstances, save divorcing spouses a lot of money. In the approximately 40 states that permit it, unbundled representation allows divorcing individuals to choose which parts of their case a lawyer will handle.  Tasks that can be easily separated from the

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